Ability to group transactions in the Transaction Activity registers by day (edited)

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edited July 2023 in Feature Requests

Currently Simplify only allows the user to group transactions in the transactions view by month. This results in the transaction view getting very very large. This really hurts User productivity because they might be constantly moving up and down in the transaction view instead of being able to jump to a specific date immediately.

I request that you implement the ability for the user to group transactions by day, not only by month. This will make it very easy to jump to a specific day and see all of the transactions that occurred on that day. Other products that compete with Simplify all have this feature.

I am aware of the workarounds already, including filtering the transactions view on a specific date, hey filter in a report on a specific date. My preference is not to have to use filters to do this. I may need a filter for other reasons.

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