Web App: Widen the Filter pop up or allow the full text to display upon hover (edited)

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Please, please consider making the width of the Filter popup wider on the Desktop App. Many of my Categories and Payee names are more than 18 characters long which means I frequently have to guess the ending; made worse because there's no hover text to show the whole title. Often, I'm stuck using a process of elimination to figure which is the correct filter I should be using.

If you can't make it wider for some reason, then at least add hover text!

However, there's LOTS of free space (red) to expand the popup to the left on a computer where you have less screen real estate restrictions.

Here's an example of how my categories look in the filter pop-up…

This is what I actually named these categories…

This sort of 'similar concept grouping' is very common in my category list so it makes working with the Simplifi filter overly tedious.

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  • DannyB
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    @Flopbot I added my upvote for this… but I wonder if in the meantime you could make it easier to find the tag you need by shortening the tags thus:

    • A&T ~ Fees, etc.
    • A&T ~ Fuel, etc.

    Don't know if using abbreviations will work in all cases, but perhaps in many that overflow current available space.

    I know that means lots of editing of tags so might not be worth it if the this idea is adopted and deployed sooner rather than latter.

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