Watchlists - Upgrade to function as Internal (Ghost) Banking or Savings Accounts

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Please upgrade the watchlists to have the ability to track transaction as an internal (ghost) bank or savings account. I am trying to track payment I make on behalf of my children as well as money they pay me back. All of these transactions go through my normal linked accounts. I have tried watchlist categories and tags, and now manual bank accounts; all options are very inadequate. The current watchlists have 2 month and year to date output fields which are not useful in this case. All you need is a "Current Balance" that is a live running balance of all historical transactions tagged or categorized to the ghost account watchlist as well as a view and report of those transactions in a month to date, year to date, and all of history format. A user should not have to set up a bunch of manual bank accounts and make manual entries just to see what a running total is on the money that they have given or received from their children. This same function could be used for something like an internal business venture… where you want to track your expenses and income and have a register of all the transactions with a current balance.

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