Great potential ruined by connection issues

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I'm pretty new to Simplifi. I've used many similar tools, and I would say that Simplifi is hands-down the best of the bunch … if it weren't for the constant connection problems. With respect to the team here, Quicken continues to blame the banking institutions, which feels bogus. None of the other tools I've used — Mint, Empower, Monarch — have the connectivity issues that Simplifi has. Why is this just a Simplifi issue?

  • My Wells Fargo credit card has to be verified at least once per day.
  • My 529 accounts need to be verified every few hours.
  • The Venmo connection is completely useless.
  • There's not even an option for American Funds or Northwestern Mutual.

Simplifi is otherwise an excellent tool, but this might be a fatal flaw. Are other people experiencing constant connectivity issues with multiple accounts? Any recommendations?



  • Coach Blake
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    Hi there, @tylertyler!
    Thank you for taking the time to voice your thoughts and areas of improvement for us. The financial institutions do determine the frequency that a MFA prompt is required for a third-party application. Some financial instutions do it more often than others but that is completely up to them. A lot of our larger financial institutions are moving to their own dedicated API (connection) which has seem to resolve a lot of ongoing issues or the frequency of the MFA prompt since it is through their connection.

    Venmo is currently being worked on with our team and Venmo and we are hoping to have that resolved soon. I do know American Funds and Northwestern Mutual are financial institutions that have been requested.

    Thank you,

    Coach Blake

  • tylertyler

    @Coach Blake Thank you for the prompt response. I'm willing to be patient for a while. Because Mint/Empower/Monarch/etc. have figured out how to stay connected without constant verifications, I'm optimistic that Simplifi can as well.

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