Recurring Series for "Exclude from Spending Plan" Account show up in Spending Plan

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This post started off being a Bug Report, now I suspect it's more of a head's up type thing.

In one of my Simplify spaces, I have a number of accounts that were recently marked "Exclude from Spending Plan" at Settings>Accounts>Three Dots>Exclude from Spending Plan. I did this recently when the hide an account from the spending plan feature was first introduced (end of August - early September) - thank you Simplifi!.

Despite this, my "Income after bills & savings" section in the Spending Plan for the current month (September 2023) shows this for a transaction that was already paid…

When I click the three dots, I find this…

When I drill down even further to view and edit the series, I find this…

However, when I view a transaction for next month (October 2023) that wasn't paid, it shows this which is what I'd expect…

So, my takeaway is that when you first set up this ability, you may need to manually hide any recurring series for the current month. Sure, this might be a bug, but I suspect it will be a non issue in a month.

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    Thanks for posting this, @Flopbot!

    I just did some testing by excluding one of my primary bill-paying accounts from the Spending Plan, and this is what I see:

    All of the greyed-out items are being excluded since I excluded the account. I see the same thing in Income since this is the checking account that receives all of my pay. So, I'd say that you should see the same thing for any transactions contained within an excluded account for both the current and future months.

    I'd suggest re-including the account in the Spending Plan, checking to see if the Reminders are indeed included, and then going back to settings and excluding the account once again. Hopefully this will get things to reflect accurately (excluded and greyed out) for that account in your Spending Plan. You can also do the same thing for the Recurring Series (re-include and then exclude again) just to get the exclude settings refreshed all the way around for the item in question.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

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