Attach "Transfers" to the Payee instead of the Category (edited)

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For transactions, I think having transfer get the base through the payee section of the transaction, because I would still like to put those transactions into a category. Because I like to track how much I have left on loan accounts. So for example I make a transaction to pay my car loan (which has its own account on my Simplifi) So the Payee would be the account that I set up and then the category would be car loan so that I can track it in my spendable and other parts of the system.

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  • YES.

    In Simplifi, I have connected my own accounts, and a shared account with another person, for some bills and expenses that we split. MY portion of those bills/expenses (which is what I want to reflect in my spending plan) is ALWAYS a transfer from my account to the shared account.

    Unfortunately, that means the category for these transactions is always "Transfer: Account Name" rather than being able to assign a category related to whatever the expense is actually FOR.

    At the moment, I have resorted to unlinking the transfers from each other so that I can categorize the outgoing transaction as I want, and set the incoming transfer to "Transfer" with no account, excluded from the spending plan. But this is messy and loses the fact that these transactions actually ARE related to each other.

    Attaching Transfer:Account info to the Payee (which is realistically more accurate anyway), and allowing Category to truly be a Category would make so much more sense.