Ability to distinguish automatic payments vs. manual payments in the Upcoming section (edited)

Marsha Whitney
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It would be good to have a way to distinguish automatic payments in the Upcoming section, so I would know which bills I need to pay manually in order to process them before they are due.

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    @Marsha Whitney,

    I’d like this too! While temporarily talking over the finances for someone else, I found a workaround since didn’t have this data memorized yet. I added an ”M - “ or an “A -“ to the beginning of each Recurring Series to help remind me which was which. It’s not ideal, but does quickly answer the question of which are manual and which aren’t.

    The one downside is that it makes your memorized payees list more complex. For example, now I have to use “A - State Farm” instead of just “State Farm” When working with individual transactions.

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    This is my #1 feature request!