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I had to delete all my savings goals last month because they weren't syncing properly. I added a new goal this month and contributed to it through my spending plan. It worked no problem when it was done at the beggining of the month. But now the goal says that i'm 1 month behind??

The goals is 10,000

Target Jan 2025

Available: 3778.45

Target Monthly Contribution: 414.77

Mathematically, I'm on track but the system somehow thinks I'm a month behind., Any thoughts on what I should do? I don't want to have to delete the goals every month to get them to work. Kind of defeats the purpose.



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    This is a longstanding issue that has been raised before. I'm not sure there has been any progress on it.

    My suggestion is that this is just a nuisance and you should ignore it.

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    @blanktom, thanks for reaching out!

    To clarify, did the "1 month behind" issue just occur on the newly created Goal, or did you see it pop back up on the other Goals you had already deleted and recreated? If the former, I'd suggest going ahead and doing the same thing with this new Goal (deleting and recreating) and then keeping an eye on things. You definitely shouldn't have to delete and recreate Goals each month to resolve this, but if it's just happening with just the new Goal and didn't reoccur on the old Goals, I'd say manual intervention would be your best bet/fastest solution.

    It looks like the prior tickets we've filed for the 'Ahead/Behind/On Track chip have all been resolved, and I think most of them were user-specific. But I agree with @ajbopp that it still acts funky at times. Hopefully deleting and recreating the new Goal will be the last of it for you. 🤞

    -Coach Natalie

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