Simplifi assigned a transfer to my income. This could be a bug of sorts.

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I have a recurring income series setup to receive a certain dollar amount every two weeks. The next scheduled date is the 10th.

Today, we transferred a similar dollar amount into the same destination account as my income series and Simplifi (using its fuzzy logic) thought the transfer was my income.

When I look at the source Transaction detail (the account where the money was transferred from) it was correct.

Going to the other side showed correct Transaction detail in the receiving account.

However, my income series showed that I was paid two days early and the notification dropped off the spending plan.

I deleted a transaction in the destination account but that didn't seem to solve the problem.

I ended up deleting the series and recreating the deleted transaction.

After doing so, both my transactions are linked and this looks correct now. Adding the series back in and I'm back in business.

I think the Devs may want to try this workflow in their test environment.

I tried several ways to try and get my income series to unlink from the transfer but I couldn't find a way to make it happen. Is there a way to go in and unlink something like this?

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    Without deleting and recreating the series, I believe the following might work:

    1. On the transaction that was matched with the bill, click the 'unlink' button next to recurring bill. My limited understanding is that this software is designed to learn when you correct it like this. So, by telling it that it shouldn't have been linked, it might not link it again.
    2. If that didn't bring back the reminder, rather than deleting the series, you can 'edit' the series and change the 'next date' to hte original next date before the transaction was linked.

    Someone else may have a better answer.

    Rob Wilkens

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    The account that you transferred from, is also linked to Simplifi? I have something similar happen with AMEX. however, because Simplifi, Mint, and Empower all treat it the same, I'm hesitant to call it a bug, and it's probably something going on on AMEX's end.

    When you say transferred, do you mean deposited? Transfer, you moved from one of your accounts linked in Simplify to another of your linked accounts in Simplifi, and deposited is when someone else gave you money.

    If transferred, what works for me is 1) de-link the recurring transaction (like @RobWilk mentioned) and 2) update the category to match that of the account from where the money was transferred from.

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    You said, "I deleted a transaction in the destination account but that didn't seem to solve the problem." Are you saying that you deleted the transaction and it still showed up as income after it was deleted?

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    @Glimmer3721, it looks @RobWilk and @Nu2Money has got you covered here, so I just wanted to share the applicable articles.

    Unlink a transaction from a Reminder:

    Edit a Recurring Series:

    -Coach Natalie

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    @RobWilk, @Nu2Money @Coach Natalie,

    Thanks. I'll file these responses away in case this happens again.

    @Nu2Money, yes, transferred from one account to another account that are both linked to simplify. From the same Bank actually. Regarding your other question, I can't exactly remember the details but I'll be on the lookout for this in the future.

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