Can investment transactions be exported? (edited)

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Hello, the transaction download button is greyed out on the "Investments > Transactions" page. Is this working functionality?

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  • dave_sxxxxx
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    FWIW I'm seeing the same behavior regardless of if I've selected transactions or not.

  • RockLee
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    What do you mean? The only way to see the transactions download button in investments is to have transactions selected, unless you mean you cannot download any transactions including banking and spending.

  • ps56k
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    it's the "Export" button… as "download" has a totally different meaning within the Quicken World -

    As mentioned above - it appears that the cloud "Import" and the down arrow "Export" functions
    are NOT AVAIL for Investment accounts

  • Super frustrating that you can't just download all of your transactions. Filtering out investment transactions and transfers is a "feature" that makes the product less useful. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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