More detailed CSV Exports (original name and description, flags, reviewed)

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Started looking at Simplifi since Mint is shutting down, and I've really been impressed so far.

I do a lot of work in Excel with my exported transactions, and three fields that would be very handy to have in the export (.CSV) are (in priority order):

  • The original transaction name/description as it shows up on the statement
  • The flags
  • The Reviewed checkbox — this could just be a tag, but it seems wacky to add a custom tag given the checkbox is already on the form.

Let me know if I should split these into separate requests.



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  • oggg
    oggg Member

    Same here. The lack of the original description in the export file is a deal breaker

  • mchill

    Same here, especially after being burned by the shutdown of Mint. I'm extremely hesitant to put my data somewhere that it can't be fully extracted from if I need to move it somewhere else in the future. The original description is a must-have.

  • UrsulaA
    UrsulaA Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with this. As a former Mint user, I am keeping a raw file data in Excel with some historical charts in it The Simplifi export is usable here but I want the original statement text in the designated column in my file.

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  • DavidB
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    I agree

  • random
    random Member ✭✭

    +1, please! Just seems so basic, esp for our tax records etc…

  • bling
    bling Member

    i wish this was voted higher so it gets more attention. the original description definitely needs to be included in the export.