Release 1.1.16

Coach Paco
Coach Paco Moderator admin

Hi all,

Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with Release 1.1.16

  • FIXED: Issue corrected when pressing the enter key multiple times in the tag field.
  • FIXED: Wells Fargo credentials modal is displayed even when the account is not added to the Simplifi account.
  • FIXED: Upcoming card is not reporting future-dated manual transactions.
  • FIXED: When making consecutive changes to Categories to Subcategory of the dropdown retains scroll position.
  • FIXED: Recent Transactions card reporting incorrect amount for positive splits.
  • FIXED: Income Vs Spending bar graph tooltip in the12-month view can become obscured.
  • FIXED: When account not chosen, account dropdown doesn't show error for "Contribute" and "Take From" as in the Goals screen.
  • FIXED: Long payee names not ellipsing.
  • FIXED: Split income/expense transaction is displaying amount in green on the Recent Transactions card.
  • UPDATED: Make 'Refresh' 'Settings' and 'Profile' show up as words next to the icon rather than tooltips.

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