How to Export transactions - within a Date Range

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- brought up our Checking acct - and wanted to Export a certain Date Range.
Clicked on the Export "down arrow" and didn't find any way to limit the date range for the Export.

Also - the resulting CSV data file appears to have several column headers - here was ours -
but missing some others…. as mentioned in other CSV postings -

Ironic in that the headings are setup for Investments -
but Investments are NOT currently supported for Export/Import with Simplifi


,"GS Checking2","PENDING","11/10/2023","At&t","","Utilities:Phone","","just a note as a memo","$0.00","","","","","",""


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  • Coach Natalie
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    @ps56k, you can apply Filters to your transaction register before exporting to get just the data you're looking for. Here's our support article on exporting transactions:

    As for the column headers that show in the export file, I think these are there because they're planning to improve the export/import process; Investment Transactions specifically should eventually have this ability.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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    ok - tnx -


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    I've been experimenting with the export feature. When exporting all transactions, they are sorted by date. When exporting transactions based on the visible transactions as directed in the referenced support article, the transactions are not sorted by date. Weird and inconvenient.

    Scrolling up and down to make sure the correct month is open and checked is not the way to go. A date filter is needed.

    So this is a known issue, and not being addressed, per the referenced support article:
    "Can I export transactions with a specific date range?
    The ability to filter your Transaction Activity to a specific date range is not currently available in Quicken Simplifi. You can export an entire month's worth of transactions while excluding all other months by following the "Export Tips" above. Otherwise, we encourage you to join the discussion in our Community requesting a Date Range Filter by clicking here!"

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