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It's not like I paid a lot for my subscription but I'm posting this out of principle… and to educate any future potential customers for what they're getting themselves into. At this point 6 months into my experience with Simplifi, I'm walking away.

The product has a number of bugs and user experience issues I can't get past. Numerous times the "forecast" was showing my historical accounts in a negative balance… despite that was never part of my history. And the register never reflected negative balances. The recurring transactions weren't being handled correctly and the best tech support could do is say that's not supposed to happen.

Then my deposits were not posting on payday. The account balance was accurate, the debits & ATM withdraws were there, but the deposits didn't post. Tech support said I logged into my Simplifi account "too early" (it was 9am…) and I should try again tomorrow when my "bank caught up".

The final straw is that Amex just stopped working. I had to re-authenticate and attempt to re-connect my account and kept getting errors. Tech support said "it's Monday… Amex is really busy" which may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard from customer service. Of course it wasn't just a Monday-thing… it did not work on Tues, Weds, Thurs… still broken in fact.

The product is bug ridden. Tech support are just guessing (is there ANY quality control??) and it feels like now that Simplifi got my annual subscription they are happy to take my money and run. Future customers beware, this isn't the money management app you're looking for.


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    I don't understand what a 'historical account' is (does that mean closed?) or why it would be negative in a forecast.

    The only thing there I can relate to is the part about deposits & "too early". With Chase specifically (I can't speak to other banks), if you connect to them on weekends or early morning/late-evening, it will not download transactions that came in 'outside of banking hours' until banking hours resume, but it will update balances properly (Assuming you didn't enter them manually). This was a problem they made Chase aware of, but Chase refused to change it. I reached out to Chase and they said "We can look into this for you" but it ended there.

    I don't have an AMEX but have seen a lot of posts about AMEX recently.

    Rob Wilkens

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    @anon305, thanks for sharing your feedback, and we appreciate you giving us a try! Let us know if you'd like the Community to help out further with any of the items you mentioned.

    -Coach Natalie

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