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I've recently transitioned from MINT (15-year user) over to Simplifi due to their upcoming demise. While I wasn't happy to be forced into changing… the end result is I'm excited about Simplifi and found many things about your product I actually like BETTER!

With the plan to be a long-term user, I wanted to offer a simple suggestion to further enhance the user experience. On the Dashboard, you have a very important view… "Spending Plan". Since this is only able to display a small number of planned spending I wanted to suggest that by clicking on that area/applet you go immediately to a full view of that same view. The key would be to maintain the smaller size of the various spending categories the user wanted to focus on. NOTE: The current view within "Planned Spending" has VERY large views of each spending category. This takes up too much of the screen and is inefficient for quickly identifying any category that has exceeded targeted spending.

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    Welcome to Simplifi. Sorry for the way you found yourself having to transition to Simplifi, but we’re glad you’re here!

    If you want Simplifi to consider this for inclusion, then you’ll want to recreate it as an Idea Post. That way, other forum users can vote on it. Before creating Idea Posts however, always make sure to check first just to make sure your not just making extra work/clutter in the forum.

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    @djp2025, thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    Based on your description, it sounds like you're looking for a more condensed view of Planned Spending items. If so, please be sure to check out our existing request here:

    As for what you mentioned about the Spending Plan Dashboard tile, I'm not sure that I'm following. When I click on a Planned Spending expense from the Dashboard, it takes me directly to that expense. When I click anywhere else on the Spending Plan Dashboard tile, it takes me to the Spending Plan's landing page. What you mind providing a bit of clarity on this, please?

    -Coach Natalie

  • kdesq

    Hi Coach Natalie,
    I am new to Simplifi and love it so far. The spending tile on the dashboard screen, which shows numerous other tiles s well, has stopped loading. If you click on the left hand column everything loads, but when I first signed up, last week I believe, that tile loaded. It stopped loading two or three days ago.

    I too found simplifi because of Mint's demise. I like it better. Not sure why I didn't know about it earlier. I have used Quicken for at least 15 years now.

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    To clarify… if you go to "Spending Plan" and then click on "Planned Spending" all the tiles for each tracked spending are so large they eat up too much of the view. I'm suggesting these tiles should be redesigned to take up a much smaller space (at least 1/2 of the space they now take up). This would allow for more to be viewed without scrolling up and down pages. Ideally, you want to view this information at a glance :)

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    @djp2025, thanks for confirming!

    I'd definitely suggest adding your feedback here, and then following it for updates:

    -Coach Natalie

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