Ability to add logos/icons to Payees and Recurring Transactions (edited)

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it would be great to have the ability the add icons to payees as well as all recurring. Especially in the recurring you have a big area for the initials. It would be great to have icons added automatically or manually. In the list of transactions it would make it easier to spot specific merchants as well

Thanks for considering

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    Try assisting the Payee from Mobile. This isn’t something I’ve really done, but in theory it should work.

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  • rubles_mere.0e

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. I would like to add the logo of the respective company, e.g. Amex, Target, Walmart etc., not some emoji

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    A very visually appealing thing that other Financial apps have are icons that represent financial institutions, companies, categories, and other things. I love how Simplifi works and everything it has to offer. It offers SO much that sometimes the UI gets to be a lot to look at.

    One small improvement I would like to suggest is the incorporation of icons when looking at Bills & Payments, and any other areas the product team thinks would make sense. Right now this is what I see when in the app on the web when looking through bills and icons:

    Part one of this would be to give users the ability to select from a predefined set of icons and upload their own if they can't find what they need.

    The UI for allowing a user to select from a list of existing icons or upload their own can could be something like this or the thousands of other examples out there.

    The only place in Simplifi I could find that has something close to this is in the edit watchlist menu:

    Then there could even be a functionality in the backend that associates icons to these records based on the name of the series. Like if it has amazon prime in the name, it could automatically populate it, but allow the user to change it if needed.

    Then it would look like this in the edit series screen:

    And like this in the list:

    This could be used in categories as well to really give the UI a nice pop and compete with what some of the other apps are doing out there.

  • nakada
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    I would also like to have the icons coming automatically for the most known companies. It helps a lot to identify them without searching for.