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This is a must-have feature for me coming from

There's an existing Notification for "Bank Fees" over a certain amount (defaulting to $5), but it doesn't meet my needs.

I'd like a notification, by category, for all "fees". Some examples, a wire transfer fee of $15, a $7.60 margin loan interest in a brokerage account, or a $99 credit card annual fee did not trigger any Notifications for me with the $5 "Bank Fee" setting turned on.

It doesn't have to be real-time, but same-day would be good so I could have time to take action on them.

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  • ejs
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    I just came to the forum to make the same request and found this post, which I voted for. I would also like an option to be notified of any fee.

  • ajbopp
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    @Sia @ejs This should be able to be accomplished by creating a watchlist for the Fees and Charges category, and setting the target to whatever you like. If you set it to $0.01, you'll get a notification for every fee charged.

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  • ejs
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    @ajbopp - thanks for the suggestion! I'd still prefer for Simplifi to offer notification options for all fee types (I'm not sure what the rationale is for limiting it to only bank fees) rather than clutter up my Watchlist page with an otherwise unwanted Watchlist, but until Simplifi does offer that option it's good to have this workaround as an option (except that in my case, Watchlists are not working at all, as I described in other threads, but that's a separate issue…).