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I typed in my number to get a callback. My phone rang, I picked up. On hold a couple minutes and it asked if I wanted to leave a message, "press 1," or "keep holding to talk to a senior rep." I kept holding and a minute later, it went to voicemail.

It is really sad when the phone system for support does not work as expressed. Any decent phone system for support has you on hold and gives an estimate for the wait time. Then, the system actually allows you to hold/wait for a rep. Just ending the wait with no explanation is broken customer support.


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    @Boydston, thanks for reporting this to the Community!

    I'm not too familiar with how the Phone Support system works, but I do know that it will go to voicemail when no one is available. The voicemails are checked regularly and callbacks are made from there. I also know that Quicken Simplifi is primarily Chat Support, so the callbacks can and may be limited. There may have also been a one-time glitch that occurred if you've only experienced this one time. Regardless, I'll forward your feedback to the appropriate parties. Were you able to get the help you needed?

    -Coach Natalie

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