Option to "Move to Monday" when setting up Recurring Transactions

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An option to "move to Monday" when setting up recurring transaction is very useful in monitoring.

Since a majority of bills do not post to credit cards or checking accounts on Saturdays or Sundays in the United States, it helps tremendously knowing the actual balances available on a weekend. If there was an option to choose "move to Monday", then a recurring transaction such as "Water Bill" that is set up to post to a checking account "monthly on the 9th" will be automatically set to post to the account on Monday 12/11. This way, the projected cash balance will be most accurate. Currently, it is required that users manually open the Water Bill item and change the date from 12/9 to 12/11, in order to have an accurate balance.

The “Balance Forecasting App” has this option and it is very useful.

Thank you for considering this feature.

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