Mobile App: Display the full Category Name when searching the Categories list (edited)

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When entering receipts and categorizing transactions, this has been bugging me more and more.

For background, I do 99% of my receipt entry on my phone just because it's easier.

When you first select Categories, it displays like this. You can scroll up and down the list to find what you want. This layout makes sense and lets me easily visualize - reminds me of - my category tree.

However, when you search for a category, it does this. While this might be okay on a wide computer, on small screens, it pushes most of the category name off the side of the screen and I end up guessing at the ending. Yes, I could be less verbose, but I'd much rather that the sorted results just be displayed in the same way as the screenshot above - with two levels. To me, it makes sense for it to show the parent category at the top and then any subcategories with the search term underneath the parent. Granted, you'd run into times when the search term isn't in the parent name and in those cases, I'd still want it displayed.

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