Integrate Document Scanner/Receipt Scanner in iOS (edited)

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I'm interested in exploring the possibility of integrating the iOS built-in document scanner for attachments with in iOS app. Currently, the app supports camera and photo library for attachments, but I believe incorporating the built in iOS scanner could enhance user experience. Taughts?

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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Member

    I would like to scan paper receipts into the associated Simplifi transaction instead of using the camera. Because transactions finally post into Simplifi from my bank account sometimes weeks later (in the case of checks), I have to store the paper receipt until then and attach it with the camera. Suggest: 1. Allow direct scanning docs for attachment as better quality PDFs, and 2. Allow iOS files scans of paper receipts to be uploaded. With the latter, users can scan the paper right away into Files and attach it to the right transaction when it finally posts.