Investment balances should be consistent across the app

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On the dashboard, I see one number, a different one when I click through to the investments page (portfolio tab), yet a different one when I click on balances. Which one is correct? I have no idea.

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  • budgetj75
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    Same, the investment card on dashboard and the Investment section is off by ~$300 for me.

  • Coach Natalie
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    @sprugman & @budgetj75, thanks for posting!

    To clarify, the way Quicken Simplifi is designed when it comes to investing balances is the balance in the Accounts List is provided by the bank, and the balance in the Investments Portfolio is made up of the holdings and their current values in accordance with what's outlined here:

    With that, I'm not sure if Quicken Simplifi can present this data differently, but it would be great to have a clearer idea of the change you'd like to see made regarding this now that the intended design has been outlined. For example, would you rather the Accounts List display the same balance as the Investments Portfolio section instead of the balance provided by the bank, etc.?

    Please let us know!

    -Coach Natalie

  • Eddie0272
    Eddie0272 Member

    If you go into the investment module, Simplifi displays the up-to-date value of the listed investments, however, this value isn't the same under dashboard view. The dashboard view only gets updated during a sync which can occur 24-48hrs later depending on the institution.

    Having an up-to-date investment value, improves accuracy and does not rely solely on the sync process with different financial institutions.

  • tbo45
    tbo45 Member

    It would be nice if there was an option to show the up to date holdings amount in the dashboard. For example I have a 401K and two Robinhood IRA's. The Robinhood IRA's don't sync with Simplifi, so I have no choice but to have it be a manual account. The 401K provider doesn't update that much, so I chose to just manually enter in the holdings.

    But if I understand this correctly, in order for the dashboard and total NW to reflect the manual investment holdings correctly, I need to do a balance adjustment transaction?

    Sounds much more convoluted than just having the holdings flow through to the dashboard and NW, or at least the option to do so.