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Sure would be great if this small oversight was fixed…. Or, am I missing something again?

Under Security / Payee my Ordinary Dividends post with the security symbol. Yet, none of my Qualified Dividends post with a symbol. I have to go through my accounts and match dates and amounts and edit each transaction.

The following are copy/pasted from the Transaction Detail:

Appears as "QUALIFIED DIVIDEND" on Nov 7, 2023. < < note: no stock symbol.

Appears as "Ordinary Dividend~symbol" on Dec 29, 2023.

The data lines are virtually the same length. They have exactly the same data except for "Qualified".

And yet, Short and Long Term Capital Gains show the associated stock symbol.

Appears as "SHORT TERM CAPITAL GAINS (symbol)" on Dec 29, 2023.

The symbol is there in my brokerage report.


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