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This month's Social Security deposit came in, and failed to get linked the recurring income I had set up in the Spending Plan, so this cause my total income to be doubled.

I noticed that when I clicked on the deposit (the deposit that was marked Received, not the one marked Upcoming), I noticed it appeared to be linked to something, since there was an Unlink menu item. As the only thing I knew of that it could be linked to was my recurring "SSA 2024" spending plan income, I clicked the "Unlink" menu item and got the error box shown below.

I eventually solved the whole think by manually linking the Upcoming transaction to the Received transaction, and now things look correct.

The bug, I think, is that the UI is incorrectly showing me the Unlink option, when it is not actually linked to anything. Therefore using this option tries to unlink the transaction from nothing, which will always unsuccessfully fail.

I'm also not sure why the deposit was not linked with my spending plan item to begin with.

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  • Coach Natalie
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    @ajbopp, thanks for posting!

    It sounds like you got this taken care of, but for future reference, you can determine if a transaction has been linked to a Recurring Series and what Series it's linked to by opening the Transaction Detail view, which must be accessed from Transactions instead of the Spending Plan.

    You can also unlink the transaction from the Series from here, and then get the correct transaction linked. I hope this helps if this pops up again!

    -Coach Natalie

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