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I’m a new user coming over from Mint. Like Simplifi a lot. But one thing Mint did that I liked and Simplifi doesn’t is to have a single place for all transactions. In Simplifi I need to go to different places to check investment transactions from banking transactions. This distinction is arbitrary for me since my banking transactions like check writing and bill paying occur in an “investment” account, a Fidelity money management account. In Mint, I would just hit one button and see all transactions in a single list. In Simplifi, I have to go to two places. And anything I do on transactions - search, list, etc - I have to do twice. Thanks for listening.

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    I prefer to have the investment transactions separate, as I do not need to look at dividends or interest daily. Also, in Mint, while the transactions were all in one list, purchases in my brokerage account came in categorized as utilities for an oil stock sometimes.

    In Simplifi, investment transactions are classified by actions versus the standard categories for all accounts.

    Also, is your Fidelity money management account all cash? If so, you can change the account type to something under banking and the transactions will be treated like a bank account and listed in that area.

    There is a specific thread on investment transactions, you can add your feedback there and check out what others said.

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