Bug: Rule on deleted category sets to NOTFOUND

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To reproduce:

  • Create a rule to assign to a specific category
  • Delete the category
  • Wait for transaction to match the rule


  • Transaction should be have category "Uncategorized"


  • Transaction has category "NOTFOUND"

Why this is an issue:

  • I expect to see any uncategorized transaction so I can be alerted about it and take any action. I also expect to see how much I am spending on any category I specify. With "NOTFOUND" category, it gets hidden/muted from my monitoring, and the app does not notify there are transaction that needs to be categorized.
  • I also need to delete and update the rules manually that had category that no longer exist.


  • Coach Natalie
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    @y11, thanks for posting to the Community regarding this issue!

    I don't have any transactions that will be downloaded soon to test this with, but I tested deleting a Category that's used for a Category Rule to see what happens to the Rule, and it made the Category Rule field blank instead of setting it to "None". I'd expect the Category Rule to be set to "None", and then any transactions that download would be assigned the normal categorization logic instead of having a Rule applied to it; it wouldn't be "Uncategorized", but I'm thinking the empty Rule is what's causing the "NOTFOUND".

    With that, I'd like to go ahead and get this reported. To do so, though, I'd like to be able to include the "NOTFOUND" issue that you're experiencing so we can show the end result. With that, please provide the following details:

    1. A screenshot of the Transaction Detail view for the transaction that was assigned the "NOTFOUND" Category.
    2. A screenshot of the associated Transaction Rule under Settings.
    3. Provide a description of what Category you deleted/what Category the Rule was originally set up for.
    4. Confirm whether the issue occurs on the Quicken Simplifi Web App, Mobile App, or both.
    5. If you're using the Quicken Simplifi Web App, we need the browser and browser version you're using, as well as the OS of your computer.
    6. If you're using the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, we need the make, model, and OS of your mobile device.

    Please also submit your logs via the 'Send Feedback' option:

    1. Log into the Quicken Simplifi Web App.
    2. Select Profile from the left-hand navigation bar.
    3. With the Profile menu open, hold down the Option key for Mac or the Alt key for Windows, and then click Send Feedback
    4. Leave all boxes checked, add a brief description of the issue, and then click Send.

    We look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Natalie

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