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I have a suggestion for a tweak to the Spending Plan. While the transactions' dates can be changed, the spending plan seems to go by the original date of transactions. This creates a problem when budgeting for the month. For example, I have several things that come through late in the month including my paycheck, Spotify, & other odds and ends. When budgeting, I change the dates on those transactions to the 1st of the month. On my pie chart of spending, everything looks perfect, reflecting my changes. However, my spending plan does not reflect the date changes, so it creates a problem for my budgeting & leads to inconsistencies in totals. (Ex: Pie chart says entertainment spending is around $200, but spending plan says entertainment spending is around 180 due to going by Spotify's original date.) My suggestion is that the spending plan recognize & utilize the user's date changes.

I sent this suggestion in via Quicken Simplifi Help Chat & spoke with Coach Mayra. I hope this will be fixed ASAP because my monthly budgeting is greatly affected by needing to change late-in-the-month transactions to the following month. Thank you for reading my post!



  • dazeerae

    note: this is not a matter of giving the changes time to take effect. I made these changes 2 weeks ago.

  • Coach Natalie
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    @dazeerae, thanks for posting to the Community regarding this behavior!

    I went ahead and moved this out of Feature Requests, as what you're experiencing sounds like a bug. When it comes to changing the date of a transaction, that change should be reflected in the Spending Plan immediately. This is how users are able to apply their pay from the end of the month to that month instead of the following month when the transaction clears, etc.

    With that, are you using the Quicken Simplifi Web App, the Mobile App, or both? Also, are you changing the date of transactions that have downloaded from the bank, manually entered transactions, or are you perhaps referring to upcoming Recurring Reminders? Some screenshots of what you're seeing would be helpful.

    Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie

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