Mismatching my deposits!

Diver4242 Member ✭✭
edited February 23 in Report a Bug

Lately Simplifi has been matching/attributing recurring deposits very badly. For example, Social Security deposit is way different from my wife's paycheck, by $1,000 or more. Simplifi seems to think it's the same thing, and thinks the paycheck has been deposited, when it hasn't, and then it falls off the radar as far as the cash flow. Same thing with other deposits - rebate checks, gifts, etc.

This wasn't happening before. Please fix it! Simplifi has a huge opportunity with the Mint people coming in, please invest in the product now and don't blow it. Don't let it become "Quicken 2.0" and a landmine of bugs and promised badly needed feature that never appear. Getting ready to leave this product as I did Quicken after decades of loyal use.


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