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Bug Report - manual account balance not changing.



  • minx
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    The link says it was fixed today but I came today looking for this issue because I am having this issue now so it's not fixed. I have a manual account called Cash to reflect my cash spending. I had created a manual account with an opening balance adjustment to get it to what I had in hand. I added income for something I received a month ago and the total balance went up correctly. I just added a manual transaction for $20 that I spent and my balance did not change even though I note it as cleared.

  • Coach Kristina
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    Hello @minx,

    To help troubleshoot this issue, please provide more information. Is this happening in the mobile app, the web app, or both? Have you tried logging out, closing the app, reopening it, logging in, then testing to see if the issue persists? If you have more than one manual account in your Quicken Simplifi, is this affecting all of them? If not, which one(s) are affected? If possible, could you please include screenshots showing the issue (with any personal information redacted)?

    I look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Kristina

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