Is there a way to include unchecked "Exclude from Spending Plan" items in the net income report?

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It would be nice to be able to include 401k/403b deposits that are unchecked for "Exclude from Spending Plan" to show up in the net income report. Since I am having my employer automatically take income from paycheck to put into my 403b account, it would be nice to have that income be able to show up on the net income report. I can have it show up on the spending plan income currently, but not the net income report.

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    Thanks for the comments! I did end up figuring out the problem. I was able to uncheck both the "Exclude from spending plan" and "exclude from reports" for the specific transactions that were imported from my 401k/403b contributions (personal contribution and company match). The income from those deposits now shows up on the net income report. The line item for those contributions under "Active" had to show as a "payment/Deposit" to allow for those checkboxes to be unchecked. Other transactions I see have those checkboxes greyed out if it is not showing as a "payment/deposit"


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    How are you entering the transaction, i.e., your paycheck? I enter a salary, then subtract taxes, insurance and transfer to retirement. This way the gross income is correct. Your net income is what is the total of the paycheck is. Is that what you want a report to show? The reports I see show what's leftover at the end of the month as your net income.

    I am probably not understanding you so forgive me. It may also be that you get a matching amount from your employer that goes into your retirement. That too is income but not taxable.

    Sorry if I have it muddled.

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