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I would delete my now unused Mint account and its access to my banking, but noticed that Simpli drew from the same Intuit,,, Does this mean "on an ongoing basis" - or is is a one-time thing when first exporting Mint to Simpli?

i.e., I don't want my info remaining in all sorts of dead spots — now that I'm set up with/in Simpli, is it OK to delete Mint info???

  • It seems likely Intuit killed Mint as a trcik to get Mint users to move to paid Simpli…eh?

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    Intuit has aggregator setup, which is used also for QuickBooks in addition to Mint. Quicken was part of Intuit until 2016 and also uses Intuit aggregator.

    You can delete your Mint account when you want. If you are importing Mint data into Simplifi, it may help to keep your Mint account to check numbers to ensure your imported data is correct. For example, you can compare income and expenses in Mint for a given year versus what Simplifi shows to check accuracy.

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