Planned spending "Shopping" category claims it is for Gifts.

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For some reason, in planned spending, my spending category for shopping automatically becomes "Category: Gifts", the expense name is automatically titled Shopping, and the transactions are correctly all shopping related, but the spending category continues to be "Gifts".

Deleting this spending category and recreating it doesn't work, editing the category tells me its already tracked with "Shopping".



  • zhaoz
    zhaoz Member

    I deleted the gifts subcategory and the planned spending category "Shopping" and re-

    created it with a custom name "All Shopping".

    This time, it choose another random subcategory, "Furnishings" rather than "Gifts".

  • Jds
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    I have the exact same issue! What is the deal?? How can this be fixed?


  • Coach Natalie
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    @zhaoz & @Jds, thanks for reaching out regarding this behavior!

    This issue sounds very strange, though I'm not personally seeing any issues with my Planned Spending expenses in Quicken Simplifi. To clarify, are "Gifts" and "Furnishings" both Subcategories of "Shopping"? Have either of you checked this out on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App or even a different browser or in incognito/private mode, by chance?

    You both might also consider contacting support for more advanced troubleshooting on this, as they have the ability to engage in a screen-sharing session and can get a clearer picture of what's going on:

    Otherwise, we look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Natalie

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