Planned Spending edits revert and change on their own

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I'm noticing an odd behavior when I edit the series of a Planned Spending category. I edit the Amount on a given day, then later, maybe that day or the next, the Amount reverts back to the number prior to the edit.

Unfortunately, I can't easily reproduce this bug.

Mac Sonoma on Chrome.




  • Jds
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    I have the same issue

  • Coach Natalie
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    @Max1223 & @Jds, thanks for posting to the Community regarding this issue!

    I just edited a couple of Planned Spending Series' to change the amounts and I took a screenshot of the date and time that I did so. I will see if I can reproduce this by checking again later on today/tomorrow morning and then get it reported. If I'm not able to reproduce it, we'll need to gather specific data from either or both of you to report the issue, so please keep an eye out and gather some documentation as follows:

    1. The Name and original Amount (or whatever other detail is being edited) for the Planned Spending Series.
    2. The date and time the Planned Spending Series is edited
    3. The Amount (or whatever other detail was edited) that the Planned Spending Series reverts back to and when you notice this has happened.

    -Coach Natalie

  • Jds
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    thank you for your response, @Coach Natalie.

    I ended up deleting the series and setting it up again with the desired amount so there’s nothing for it to revert back to anymore.

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