What can I do to connect Verizon to my account?

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I have a monthly Verizon home Internet bill. I'd love to connect that bill to the biller, since every month's value is slightly different.

I have tried, on a number of occasions, to connect Verizon by clicking "Connect biller", selecting "Verizon residential", and putting in my Verizon account information. Simplifi always says something like "We'll tell you if we need more from you to connect to Verizon Residential", and then nothing ever happens.

When I first set up my Simplifi account, I did the same for my electric company (Con-Ed). Same thing happened there, except the connection appeared about a day after I first put in my information. I had hoped that Verizon would suddenly connect but it has not.

Is there anything I can do to connect Verizon to Simplifi? Or is this connection just broken? Thank you!


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    @tylermdunn, thanks for posting!

    It looks like Verizon Residential is in a degraded status on our service provider's side, which is most likely why you're seeing the "we'll let you know if we need anything else" message. Although we don't have an ETA to provide, they are aware of and working on this issue. I'd suggest just continuing to try every so often for now.

    Sorry for not having better news, but I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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