Can I Assign Two Bill Reminders to One Transaction?

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I have a couple subscriptions with Apple for monthly recurring digital content. Apple does their billing in a weird way where the charges don't always come out on the same day every month. Sometimes (like for this month) two of the charges where charged at the same time. So the transaction in my account is for the total of two separate bill reminders in my spending plan. Is it possible to assign two bill reminders to the one transaction? I know I can just delete the transaction and manually create two separate ones and then assign the bill reminders that way, but I'm wondering if there's a better way in which I can keep my transaction log accurate by having the real transaction that's in my account.


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    I don't think that's possible. I was trying to think of a way you might accomplish this with splits, but I don't think that will get you the results you're looking for either because you can't assign different reminders to individual splits, only categories and tags.

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    If the billing series has a tag assigned to it, the transactions linked to the series will share the same tag. I have a few transfer series with a tag of check-stat to remind me to check the credit card statement to update the cash flow chart for the checking account.

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    Linking the transaction, splitting it, and then assigning each series tag to each part will get you close to what you want. One series can be tagged Apple1 and the other Apple2, for example. Filtering by the tag will allow tracking of transactions for each subscription.

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