12 Month Running Percentages - RE: Percentage Budgeting

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Following the practices of other Q-Simplifi users, I created an All Expenses Watchlist and I noticed something cool… or at least I think it's cool!

The "Breakdown" gives me the percentage of my total spending for each category!

I have included my budgeted percentage in the description of the category so I can compare my planned percentage of my expected income with the actual percentage of my total actual spending for the past 12 months.

This percentage is also available for each month for month-to-month comparisons.

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    Yea, I have an all category "Spending" watchlist also and it gives most of what I want, all on one screen. The 12 month horizon is really key.

    1. total spent this month
    2. total spent this year
    3. average spending per month over the last 12 months
    4. transaction list that shows just spending absent the clutter of transfers. Bills and payments also.
    5. As you say, a breakdown percentage wise
    6. nice visual of the last 12 months, and easy to click on prior months

    And the mobile version works just the same, and is really all I use on mobile. I don't budget per month, but really per year, and this nails most of it.

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    Great to hear you are enjoying the watchlist percentage calculation. I have three main spending watchlists: one with all expenses, one with planned spending and bills, and a third one for other spending. The last two mirror the categories I have for each group in the spending plan and are helping me see if my allotted spending is realistic.

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