Pending Bank of America transactions tied to recurring income are being deleted when posted

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I'm frustrated. I had a support chat months ago about this and it got nowhere. It happened again and so I'm trying to see if raising here makes a difference.

I have checking account with BofA. When I'm paid and the transaction is pending Simplifi notes that I've received a large deposit. Here's a screenshot from the email notification I received and I got a notification in the app. It didn't link to my pay because this deposit included a bonus and was larger than usual.

In fact I received 4 of these emails - one every day that the transaction was pending. I didn't touch it, delete it, or do anything than mark it reviewed.

When I log into Bank of America directly, I see that the pending transaction was posted on 2/5/2024. It's clearly reflected in my account and cleared.

However, now 6 days later there is no sign of that transaction in Simplifi and it bills & income says my paycheck is in the past. This is not the first time… Last month, it took a few days for the transaction to come back. I can't use Simplifi if I can't trust it. The bank balance is correct, yet it is clearly dropping transactions…and I can't rely on when it's magically going to reappear or know what is being dropped that I don't notice.

There is now no sign in Simplifi of any transaction with the exact amount and when I look by my employer name, it does not show this transaction for this mont (I get paid monthly).

What gives?


  • JudiS
    JudiS Member

    @Coach Natalie I believe you're the one I worked with on this back in December. Happened again in January and by the time you got back to me the transaction magically appeared. Now happening again in February and not coming back.

    I have to trust that pending transactions will be updated to cleared when I don't do anything to edit them other than check the "Reviewed" checkbox or update the category.

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @JudiS, thanks for posting!

    It looks like you worked with Coach Leslie prior via Chat Support. With that, however, we can certainly do some troubleshooting here in the Community. First, does the issue just occur with Bank of America? If so, do you see it in all of your Bank of America accounts (if applicable) or just this one account?

    If the issue is just occurring with Bank of America, I'd suggest establishing a fresh connection with the bank to see if doing so clears things up for you moving forward:

    1. Make all of your Bank of America account(s) manual by following the steps here.
    2. Once you see the account(s) in the Manual Accounts section under Settings > Accounts, go back through the Add Account flow to reconnect to the bank.
    3. Carefully link the account(s) found to your existing Quicken Simplifi account(s) by following the steps here.

    You can also manually enter the missing transaction so your records are correct since disconnecting and reconnecting to the bank most likely won't bring in any existing missing transactions since they were already downloaded once. If the issue persists with new transactions, we'll need some additional details:

    1. The Date, Payee, and Amount of the missing transaction.
    2. The name of the account the transaction is missing from, as it appears in Quicken Simplifi.
    3. Is the missing transaction linked to a Recurring Reminder at any time while it's pending?
    4. Do you make any other modifications to the transaction while it's pending aside from marking it "reviewed"?
    5. The sequence of events — the date the transaction downloads, what happens to it each day while it's pending, at what point does it get linked to a Reminder or edited in some way, when you notice it's missing, etc.

    We look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Natalie

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