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I had a transaction disappear on me. It was from a Bank of America credit card. It created a pending transaction initially, then a separate cleared transaction along with the pending transaction. The pending transaction then disappeared leaving the cleared transaction like it should, but then the cleared transaction disappeared as well. It was linked to a recurring transaction in case that matters.

And in case you are wondering, I followed the missing transaction tips and certain it isn’t a user mistake, and certain I did not delete the transaction.

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    @jbrian00, thanks for reaching out!

    I'd suggest establishing a fresh connection with Bank of America to see if doing so clears things up for you moving forward. You may do so by following these steps:

    1. Make all of your Bank of America account(s) manual by following the steps here.
    2. Once you see the account(s) in the Manual Accounts section under Settings > Accounts, go back through the Add Account flow to reconnect to the bank.
    3. Carefully link the account(s) found to your existing Quicken Simplifi account(s) by following the steps here.

    You can also manually enter the transaction that's missing now so your records are correct since disconnecting and reconnecting to the bank most likely won't bring in any existing missing transactions since they were already downloaded once. If the issue persists with new transactions, we'll need some additional details:

    1. The Date, Payee, and Amount of the missing transaction.
    2. The name of the account the transaction is missing from, as it appears in Quicken Simplifi.
    3. Is the missing transaction linked to a Recurring Reminder at any time while it's pending? If so, have you tried unlinking it until it clears to see what happens?
    4. Do you make any modifications to the transaction while it's pending?
    5. The sequence of events — the date the transaction downloads, what happens to it each day while it's pending, at what point does it get linked to a Reminder or edited in some way, when you notice it's missing, etc.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

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