Can't make batch edits to existing transactions in a recurring series

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I'm trying to update all of the transactions in an existing recurring series to include a new tag and to be included in reports (previously excluded). However, whenever I edit the series itself (not the individual transaction), the changes don't apply — I have to go back into each individual transaction and manually update it.

This is super frustrating and feels buggy.



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    Editing the series ONLY applies to (to my knowledge) future entered instances, as is how it should be.

    For example, if i change the dollar amount, i may have already logged transactions with the existing dollar amount, and not want those changed. Take for example, my income transaction, where the income tends to change once a year - I don't necessarily want last year's income transactions to reflect this year's amount.


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    @Juni I think you can do what you want on historical transactions via the Transactions Page.

    on that page click on the Filter button and choose whatever filter makes sense to you.

    From there, check the Select All checkbox on the upper left (or one at a time if there are some you want to exclude), and then click the Pencil icon in the upper right.

    Click Tags in the Edit Multiple Transactions dialog, and add a tag (or create a new one) and click Apply.

    Voila! You new tag is added to all selected transactions, without deleting old tags.

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    If you want to "update all of the transactions in an existing recurring series" and the transactions are already assigned to the series, you can try filtering the transaction list as @ajbopp suggested and using the Advanced>Bills & Subscriptions

    The filtered results will include all recurring bills and subscriptions (not transfers or income)

    Then, apply the tags as @ajbopp outlined above.

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