Bill connect: add Quicken Simplifi yearly subscription

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Hello - I tried to connect my recurring yearly subscription, but can't find Quicken or Simplifi as available billers. Is this on the roadmap?




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    Hi @blockb LOL…that's a bit ironic I suppose!

    I don't find Bill Connect all that useful for most of my recurring billers since the monthly or annual amounts are fairly stable month in and month out and pretty much the same for all my annual and semi-annual billers. I do currently have 5 of my recurring billers connected via Bill Connect and of those 4 only 2.water service, and the natural gas service, actually "benefits" from this since these are the only 2 bills that actually varying month-to-month.

    But, it never hurts to ask.

    BTW, Quicken Simplifi uses a third party vendor to provide the bill connect service and has no direct control over which companies this vendor is able to add to their service.

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    Thanks for all the info!

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