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I would like to add a handful of non-cash assets to reflect in my net worth calculations. After I add a manual account, choose other assets and provide an initial value, the account balance shows zero everywhere throughout the app.

I expected to be able to add an asset in the same manner Simplifi accommodates real estate and vehicles.

If I change the account type to Savings or Other Investment the value is included as expected, but this obviously erroneously impacts other calculations. What is the correct way to do this?

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    The screens look like they are in the mobile app. @ajbopp used the web app. Could you try adding your Thing of Value on the web app and see if the value gets added properly?

    I added an asset called Thing to my mobile app with a value of $5,000. I am using Android 10 with mobile app version 4.18.1.

    Another troubleshooting step: Uninstall and reinstall the mobile app. Then try adding the asset again.

    If the troubleshooting steps above do not work, contact support directly via chat on the mobile app or web app using the Help option.

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