Can you manually adjust investment performance

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I assume the answer is no, since I cannot find a way to do it listed anywhere but wanted to be sure.

Why do I want to? Simplifi has seemingly borked two accounts this week. I can see how it happened, but it should not be impacting the listed investment performance the way it is.

  1. I have an HSA. But my employer is transitioning to a new bank to manage them. Part of this process is, sell off the existing invested money. That way it is all a cash balance that can be transferred to the new bank. The problem is, Simplifi has registered this sale as -100% performance this week. It doesn't seem to have gotten the investment sale transaction, so when the balance went from X to 0, it assumed it was a 100% loss.
  2. In another account, one fund was being retired and replaced with a new fund so the managing company transferred shares from A to B. However they were not of equal value. Fund A was $100 per share, Fund B (the new one) is $200 per share. Simplifi is recording this as -50% returns, despite the fact my balance did not change.

So both of these have made any viewing of the investment performance data tab meaningless when including the past week in the data set. I'm wondering if there is any way I can "correct" this.


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    @Wedo778, thanks for reaching out!

    I'm not aware of a way to correct Investment Performance. I believe you can correct Investment Balances by importing your account balance history, but I highly doubt that this function would have any impact on Performance. With that, if you'd like to have this looked at further, I'd suggest contacting our Support Team directly for more advanced troubleshooting to see if they can identify any bugs in the process or determine that what you're seeing is to be expected with the circumstances.

    If you do contact Support, feel free to post back with the results in case it helps other users.

    -Coach Natalie

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    Ok @Coach Natalie we got it sorted for the Empower account. No fix for the HSA but that problem will go away in 2 weeks when the account is closed.

    The issue was related to what I thought but not the exact cause.

    My bank processed "transfer" transactions when switching from FundA to FundB. Simplifi interpreted these as cash transfers into my account, and therefore expected my account balance to increase by that amount. When it didn't, Simplifi assumed I lost money and charted accordingly.

    The fix was to delete the transfer transactions. Even though they are the actual transaction records from the bank.

    For the HSA there were no transactions listed and therefore nothing that could be corrected.


  • Wedo778
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    Thanks @Coach Natalie , I figured as much but it was worth checking before I tried anything wild.

    One account is being closed on March 4 (the HSA) so when that happens I'm going to try making it manual and see if I can do anything to correct it.

    The other is the Empower account we've been talking about that isnt updating on its own despite being connected. Even resetting it hasnt fixed anything, so I'll give support a shot and see if they can do anything about it.

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