TD account can't connect with old Intuit connector, not showing new OAuth

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Hi @Coach Natalie, thanks for the guidance on the OAuth thread to open a separate bug report. There appears to be a connection issue for TD Online Banking - the connection still takes the user through the old Intuit connector workflow, not a new OAuth connection, but the Intuit flow fails with an error at the end.

My TD Online Banking (checking) account has been disconnected since 2/9 when the announcement was made that the OAuth transition was happening and I tried to update the connection. Attempts to reconnect the account still bring up the Intuit connector, which starts fine (authenticating sucessfully with TD creds & MFA, allowing me to select all accounts to grant sharing permissions for, etc.) but fails on the final processing step with these errors in each app:

  • Mobile app: "We are unable to connect to TD Bank Online Banking at this time. Please try again later. Care: QCS-0400-6."
  • Desktop app: "Request failed with status code 400; Care Code: QCS-0400-6."

I tried using an Incognito window, testing on multiple days over the last week, and testing the reconnection in the mobile, web, and Mac desktop app - all bring up the Intuit connector and fail with the same error. Versions of apps, iOS, and MacOS are all the latest available.

Is there something we need to do outside of selecting "Reconnect" to bring up the new OAuth connection flow? See photos attached. Thanks!



  • Coach Natalie
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    @KP_9, thanks for posting to the Community regarding this issue!

    I'd suggest establishing a fresh connection with the bank by following these steps:

    1. Make all of the accounts with this bank manual by following the steps here.
    2. Once you see the account(s) listed in the Manual Accounts section under Settings > Accounts, go back through the Add Account flow to reconnect to the bank.
    3. Carefully link the account(s) found to your existing Quicken Simplifi account(s) by following the steps here.

    If the issue persists, I'd suggest trying from a different browser or in incognito/private mode in case something in your primary browser is blocking TD Bank's authorization process.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

  • KP_9
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    Hi @Coach Natalie,

    Thanks for the input and helpful links! The flow to reconnect the existing account still errors out with the same error as above as recently as this evening. That said, I did have success converting the account to Manual, adding a brand new connection to TD Bank, and then linking the two.

    Last question for you - under Settings → Accounts, I now see two different TD Bank connections: the old one with no accounts listed under it, and the new, active one with the checking account underneath. If I delete the old connection, will it mess up the "link" and lose my prior months' history from that original connection account, or is all that history now part of the new connection and I'm safe to delete the old?


  • Coach Jon
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    I am glad you had success with getting your account connected. Regarding your inquiry, I would suggest making absolutely certain there are no accounts under the old connection, and if there are none, you should be able to delete it.


    Coach Jon

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