How do I manually contribute to a goal?

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I've noticed that in ordered to contribute to a goal, I would have transfer between accounts through quickens. I don't want that. Is it able to track manually inserted numbers for contributions without actually withdrawing funds from accounts?



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    Hi @Lucas

    In Quicken Simplifi, ALL contributions to Savings Goals are manual. QS never actually transfers money from a real account to a Savings Goal account.

    At any time, you can manually contribute whatever money is available in an account to a Savings Goal, but you can't contribute more than what is available in that account.

    If you choose the option of "Show Savings Goal Breakdown in the Accounts list...

    Then each account where you have contributed to a Savings Goal from will show you the account's actual balance as downloaded from the financial institution, how much of that balance you have contributed to Savings Goals, and what your adjusted balance for the account is.

    The adjusted balance in no way indicates what your bank balance really is.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Lucas

    Fantastic! Thank you for that information.

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