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Hi! My name is Mark! After years of living in a book-keeping "Dark Age" and not tracking anything, I seen the light that I need to keep an eye on these things.

My folks were cleaning out their garage and found a box of paperwork. Low and behold, it had a report of their finances from 2007 I think… It was neat seeing that! It started me thinking where was my money all going?

I spent a while searching for a program to do what I wanted for book-keeping, but just couldn't find one that I liked. I asked my parents what they used for their book-keeping. They have been using Quickbooks Desktop for the last 15 years, but they told me they were using Quicken when the report they showed me was generated. I hate to admit it, but in all my software searching, I hadn't come across Quicken!

I started an account, and have been busy straightening everything out! It has been a good help along this journey!

I have been enjoying the link account features and ease of categorizing transactions! It is so nice being able to work on my laptop on all the paperwork, and then being able to check my accounts and continue working on it in the mobile app!

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    Hi @Mkats13

    Welcome to Quicken Simplifi. I've been using QS for just over two years now and find this to be an elegant solution for personal financial management.

    As you get set up don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. This forum is a great place interact with other users and QS staff.

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    Welcome @Mkats13

    You made a good call starting down this path and finding something that worked for you! Good to have you here.

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