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Insights defaults to Income By Month every time I go there, but that is almost never what I want to see first. I'd like to be able to select Spending By Category, and a time frame, and have that same setting retained each time I come back to Insights.
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  • Coach Tappan
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    @paleosteve That's a great idea! I also would like to start with Spending on the Insights page. I'd been thinking of suggesting those tabs be swapped, but your suggestion to make your preferred view "sticky" is a better option! Thanks!

  • mazar1977
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    It would be wonderful if we had the ability to create a report that is filtered and then save that customization to a list if customized reports so we can run it anytime we want without having to rebuild the report each time.


    I want to see how much I spend on Dining each month.

    I go to Spending report and set date range to Last Month and select only Dining and Drinks.

    I would like to be able to save this so in March I can run the report with 1 click and it shows Dining and Drinks for Feb.  In April I can run the report with 1 click and it shows Dining and Drinks for March.
  • tommyc325
    tommyc325 Unconfirmed, Member
    As a user, I would love to be able to save reports so I can easily select my custom report to view it. This will save time when there is a specific filter/report I run everyday.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @tommyc325,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion to the Community!

    I have gone ahead and merged your Idea post with an existing Idea post requesting that saved Reports be implemented in Simplifi. Please be sure to add your vote here! :)

    -Coach Natalie
  • Problem:  Each time I run a report with custom criteria, I have to re-enter those criteria.  Ineffecient and cumbersome.

    FixCustom presets.  Please add a feature for users to save custom reporting presets, the same way Banktivity already does.  (I use Banktivity and am considering migrating to Simplifi.)


  • WatchWater
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    When I go to Reports I always change "Total" => "Over Time" & Date Range from "This Month" => "This Year". It be great to have it remember my setting vs having to change it every time I look at the report.
  • Matt C
    Matt C Member
    As a user I want a shortcut to Report criteria I've configured, so that I can reduced repeated steps, access specific data quickly, and save time.

    Currently the workflow is cumbersome and requires me to re-create each report one-by-one with each visit.

    For example, each month I review several reports:
    • Filtered to a specific account's transactions 

    • Filtered to a specific time series

  • mike_fuss
    mike_fuss Member
    I spend time every month creating the same few reports and it would be very helpful if I could save & name them as custom reports to run with one click.
  • sbpnw
    sbpnw Unconfirmed, Member
    For the love of God, please add the ability to save reports!
  • meoge
    meoge Member
    Yes please let us save custom reports. I check for unreviewed transactions every week and am so tired of creating the filters everytime. It was easier before transactions were imported in investment accounts. I don't bother reviewing those transactions so I have to customize the report with only the accounts I want which is about 10 accounts. Having the ability to save that report would be amazing.
  • Norm6257
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    Yes, please offer saved reports like Quicken does.  Having to reapply filters and such every time I want to run a report is very time consuming, tedious, and subject to errors.