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My Name is John H. I am a former Minter and found that budget system to serve my needs well. I needed to understand how much money I had to spend and what I was spending money on. Mint provided that information. As you may know Mint was shut down and I am trying to replace that tool. I have a QuickenSimplifi account and have the month of March (2024) completed. I had many questions and with help have found some of the answers. I am hopeful for more help. I look forward to having the same capabilities I had on Mint and learning other ways to use the reporting features that QuickenSimplifi appear to have.



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    How can I create a monthly report showing the status of all my Spending and Income Categories on the last day of the month?

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    Welcome @John H !

    Each month Simplifi generates a monthly summary report which will likely show what you need. Usually there’s a link that appears within the app. Also, you’ll receive this email a few days after the start of the new month.

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