After importing my accounts from Mint, Spending plan always shows zero for all categories

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Spending Plan & Watchlists still not counting any transactions.



  • catrolled

    Same. After importing my accounts from Mint, Spending plan always shows zero for all categories, even after adding or editing a series. Before importing from Mint it was working fine (when importing from Mint, I deleted the previously added accounts as suggested)

  • Coach Natalie
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    @catrolled, thanks for posting to the Community regarding this issue!

    To better understand the issue, I have some questions for you:

    • Did you already have Quicken Simplifi set up and then import your transactions from Mint at a later time, or did you import during the Getting Started Flow?
    • If the former, was the issue only presented after importing from Mint?
    • Also, did you import from Mint using the Chrome Extension, or using the internal Mint File Import CSV (more info here)?
    • By "Spending plan always shows zero for all categories", are you referring to Planned Spending? If so, do you have transactions entered in Quicken Simplifi that would be counted toward those Planned Spending categories? And are those transactions perhaps linked to a Recurring Series (more info on how this works here)?
    • You also mentioned editing a series — again, is this in reference to a Planned Spending Series, or are you referring to Recurring Transactions?

    The more info you can provide will allow the Community to best assist!

    -Coach Natalie

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