Can't add financing credit cards


Hi, I just joined Quicken Simplifii. I was able to add my bank accounts and Capital One savings, as well as my Amex and mastercard. I cannot add my financing debt - Synchrony, TD Bank, Best Buy. I get the error message saying that I should check I have the correct username and password, which I do as I can sign in directly. Looking on Reddit, this seems like a known issue. Has it been resolved?

Many thanks!



  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @Ragana5,

    Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry you are having a hard time connecting to these financial institutions. To help clarify your situation, could you let us know what error codes you are receiving when trying to connect? Additionally, are you trying to add new accounts to Quicken Simplifi, or updating existing accounts already in Quicken Simplifi?


    Coach Jon

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