Want to start using the program again

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Haven't used the program in 6 or 7 months would like to start using again but would like to know how to start I want to begin at January 2024 but do not want to delete all the previous information don't know how to put in or what to put in for starting balance or what I need to do please advise


  • bmacd615

    I have a similar question and want to know the answer to this

  • Coach Jon
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    Hello @Fireboss and @bmacd615,

    Thanks for reaching out! We are happy you are back with Quicken Simplifi. To help clarify what exactly you are looking to do, could you please let us know if you want to connect previously connected accounts, or were you just needing help creating/updating manual accounts in Quicken Simplifi? Were you looking to start over from scratch, or to continue from where you left off?


    Coach Jon

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